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2020.06.17 Launch Day

June 17, 2020 After about 100 hours of hard work from late April through mid-June, Kole Sere was launched by the good people at Liberty Marina on the Danvers River in Danvers, MA.   The marina was quite busy so we agreed to get her out as soon as possible.  We arranged for a transient mooring at Safe Harbor Hawthorne Cove Marina in Salem Harbor before sailing her home to her mooring in Harpswell.  Upon arriving at the Marina, I assumed the boat would be somewhere near the launch was not.  After 5 minutes of searching, including verifying she was not on the hard, I found her tucked nicely at the dock waiting for me.   Before leaving, I had a lot of stuff to load on the boat.  I also wanted to get the sails on and make sure all systems were running.  The Yanmar diesel started up right away.  I flushed the water tank one more time and started to get ready for departure.   My boat broker, Marc Winder, from Sailboats Northeast stopped by.  He was going to give me a ride