Day One : Saturday : 07.17.2021

Departed Great Island Boatyard, Harpswell @ 8:32 AM
43°43.075'N • 069°52.175'W
Arrived @ Matinicus Harbor, Matinicus Island @ 5:50 PM
43°51.785'N • 068°52.916'W
Distance Traveled: 54 NM

Dropped Dave at our regular mooring off of Mitchell Field to begin our chess game of cars, parking, provisioning and optimal boat placement on Friday after work. While he motored up to our guest mooring at GIBY aka #safeharborgreatisland , Sara finished prepping meals for the week long journey.
This "prepping" included protein chocolate chip muffins from a box (#Krusteaz, if you must know) and a ravioli bake that also did not fall into our usual keto diet. Vacation calories do not count - we promise! After picking him up later that evening, we returned home to finish packing and attempt a good night's sleep.

Up at the crack of dawn -Dave ran over to GIBY with the first load and was back for the rest of our luggage & provisions (and Sara) by 7:30am. We finished loading Kolé Séré, settled up with the marina, and dropped our mooring line by 8:32am.

We were unable to do much of anything but motor our first day as it was anything BUT windy. No matter...we were at sea! That first day was a gradual unwinding for both of us, considering the previous two weeks had been non-stop prepping and planning, unexpected engine issues (air in the fuel line), dead dishwasher (on land) and just general madness and mayhem. It was so damn nice to finally have some away time together after the COVID lockdown and full work schedules.

Came upon this guy en route. So awkwardly beautiful!
Arrived in Matinicus Harbor and grabbed a mooring next to sailboat that appeared not to have anyone onboard. That soon proved false, so we fired up the engine and moved to the next one over just to give us all a bit of breathing room.

Dave fired up the grill and produced a mouthwatering steak, while I sautéed some rosemary garlic potatoes and spinach. Gastronomical boat bliss!


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